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Ocean Rocks

Unearthing Your Peace is Possible

Unearthed Counseling with Alli

why counseling?

Have you ever felt like you're on the edge of unraveling? Perhaps you feel like your life is a tangled ball of yarn. Possibly you don't feel much of anything. You are not alone in your suffering. Humans are intricate and complex; our lives are made to challenge us. However, we humans continue to make the mistake of facing our challenges alone. We are all capable of helping others which means we all possess the capacity to receive help. You are perfectly human and you do not have to endure life alone. Let's work together to build resilience and find your peace. 

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What Can I Help You With?


Disordered Eating

Depression/  Anxiety


Career and Life Adjustments

Winter Scenery

This world was created to overwhelm you.

Watching great mountains can only be done in a state of awe.

You are adaptable.

Remember that you will bloom and die time and time again but your roots will only grow stronger with each season.

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